How will the i-Maths program benefit your child?

Program Benefits

  • Observation

  • Logical Thinking

  • Reasoning

  • Analysis

  • Synthesis

Develop creativity & critical thinking in children

i-Maths makes early education a piece of cake

i-Maths is an early enrichment program for children aged 3-7 years, designed in accordance with the pattern of how they learn
to understand mathematical concepts. The basic idea is given to the child through enjoyable and interactive assignments
using colors, shapes, picture cards, tangrams and 3D materials.

Abstract, Semi-Abstract & Concrete Methods
to develop your child’s sense of genius


i-Maths lets your child learn through play and play to learn through innovative methods that develop their ability to think, analyze and develop their cognitive skills.

Why i-maths ? | An early Enrichment Program
Glimpses from the International Competition 2018


Own an i-Maths Franchise

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  • What is i-Maths?

    i-Maths is an early enrichment program for children aged 3-7 years through which they learn to understand the world around them in terms of numbers & shapes.
  • What do children learn from i-Maths?

    i-Maths is a program drawn after years of research. It teaches children problem solving, forming connections, patterns & relationships and number sense.
  • How does i-Maths work?

    The program introduces children to math through three methods – abstract, semi-abstract & concrete methods. It utilizes 3D shapes & tools for effective learning.
  • What makes i-Maths the ideal program for early education?

    i-Maths instill analytical skills in your child and trains them to think outside-the-box. It enhances your child’s senses using hands-on activities that help them to think critically.

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